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Become a Neurotopian

Neurotopia offers you a chance to become a fictitious inhabitant. You can be a Neurotopian as well! Simply by purchasing one of the unique, handmade silkscreen citymaps (841 x 594 mm, landscape). The silkscreen can in fact be used as your personal passport. On it you can find a unique number, your inhabitant number so to speak.

Buy a piece of Neurotopia

To reinforce the dynamic feel of this city, Neurotopia needs to change constantly. Therefore, all the buildings present in this city (at this moment) will be up for sale.

Every building comes with a purchasing agreement and/or contract. In this contract all terms and conditions made between Neurotopia and the purchasing party will be noted.

The purchasing party will also receive a certificate of authenticity and an unique silkscreen citymap of Neurotopia (841 x 594 mm, landscape).

When the purchased building is removed from its platform within Neurotopia, it is considered an autonomous object. The empty spot in the city will become new building ground for future planning.

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